Modular Furniture

Wesource is conceptually designing offices to balance spaces as well as respond to the individual and interactive working environment. Timeless, creative and reconfigurable modular furniture system for medium-to-large scale corporate; numberless configurations can be created to complete an aesthetics, flexible and practical office space. Smartness and simplicity with uncompromising quality and durability is the charm of our products; all delicate elements are deliberately created to answer the need for relaxing and lively ambience.

Minded in smooth functions plus uncompromising quality, a captivated and durable workstation series are made which are quick and have simple installation, ease of maintenance and fast dismantling to fit into an office layout. Freedom in arrangement, Wesource modular desking and panel based systems can be placed in all workspace areas.

Modular Desking System allows you with allocation of office space efficiently and with maximum benefits. With the simple look but full of diversified untility, Desking System surely satisfies user's requirements and create an impression to the office. Various configurations has been developed to be conform to today's life style and society. A piece of modesty is invented and developed to be used with Double Desking, and Cluster Desking seamlessly to enhance the feeling of privacy and security for users. The components are designed with a purpose. It easily accommodates changes in configuration, changes to cabling requirements, and changes in height. Their range of sizes, configurations, worksurface shapes, and finishes, allow them to be adapted to the design and finish of any space from contemporary to traditional.

We also provide Panel system which is a full modular and stackable system, which provides great flexibility in re lay-outing the office floor plan. Our design team is keen to create a better aesthetic in office environment; therefore, panel based system are designed to support and to provide a pleasant office atmosphere both vertically and horizontally. There is an option of Thin Panel Systems with a high flexibility and efficiency of transforming a responding to the various work styles.